Joshua Folkard, ‘Jurisdiction In Insurance Matters And The “Weaker Party”’

“In Aspen Underwriting Ltd v Credit Europe Bank NV [2020] UKSC 11, [2020] 2 WLR 919, the Supreme Court had a rare opportunity to consider the insurance provisions of the Brussels I Regulation Recast (‘BIR Recast’). The court’s comments will be of significant interest to conflicts, insurance and EU lawyers, as well as those dealing with other provisions of the BIR Recast designed to protect the weaker party, namely the consumer and employment provisions. The facts concerned a large and audacious attempted insurance fraud …

Joshua Folkard, ‘Jurisdiction in Insurance Matters and the “Weaker Party”‘, Cambridge Law Journal, volume 79 issue 3 (November 2020). Published online by Cambridge University Press: 7 December 2020.

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