‘What Practitioners Can Teach Academics about Tort Litigation’: symposium in Journal of Tort Law

Expert Testimony Needs Judges to Act as ‘Gatekeepers’: The Maryland Court of Appeals Teaches Why (Victor E Schwartz)

Shifting the Burden of Proof on Causation: The One Who Creates Uncertainty Should Bear Its Burden (Sara M Peters)

Defending Government Tort Litigation: Considerations for Scholars (Paul Figley)

What Practitioners can Teach Academics About Tort Litigation – The Plaintiff’s Perspective in Medical Malpractice Litigation (Thomas E Albro and Thomas M Hendell)

Litigation Financing: Balancing Access with Fairness (Malcolm E Wheeler and Theresa Wardon Benz)

Products Liability Law – Lessons from the Military and Industrial Contexts (Nathan A Schachtman)

What Practitioners can Teach Academics about Tort Litigation: Auto Accidents from the Plaintiff’s Counsel (Scott B Cooper)

Fighting the Good Fight: The Insurance Defense Litigator (Daniel E Cummins)

Journal of Tort Law Volume 13 (2020): Issue 2 (October 2020)

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