Rahul Kumar, ‘Data Protection from the Lens of the World: A Comparative Analysis of World Laws’

Comparison is the essence of any study we make. Comparison not only helps us to get an idea of what is going around the globe but also helps in making us conceptually strong. Comparison is a study that helps us to know the flaws of our study or law or any legislation that we have and we are making a comparison. The idea behind the comparison of the Data Protection Laws of the various countries is to understand the concept of Technology Law well. Such a comparison helps us to understand how the data is protected around the globe and what is the legislation has been brought by the various countries to tackle the concern of the data breach and the protection. Such a comparative study also helps us to understand the need for such a law in our country as well. Apart from the concerns of technology law, this comparison has been made to understand as to what kind of data is being protected by various countries and what is the effect of such data protection on the privacy of the individuals. As we know that our country has no such law that protects the breach of data, so in that case, it becomes important for us to understand the various legislations around the globe and help the parliament to adopt the Data Protection Bill, 2018 in order to safeguard the interest of a large number of population and provide their personal data with statutory protection.

Kumar, Rahul, Data Protection from the Lens of the World: A Comparative Analysis of World Laws (September 11, 2020).

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