Just Published: Misleading Silence (Bant and Paterson eds)

This collection brings together a team of outstanding scholars from across the common law world to explore the treatment of misleading silence in private law doctrine and theory. Whereas previous studies have been contractual in focus, here the topic is explored from across the full spectrum of private law. Its approach encompasses equitable and common law principles, as well as taking an integrated approach to key statutory regimes. The highly original contributions draw on rich theoretical, historical, comparative, cross-disciplinary and doctrinal perspectives. This is truly a landmark publication in private law, with no counterpart in the common law world.

Elise Bant and Jeannie Paterson (eds), Misleading Silence. Published: 29-10-2020. 424pp. ISBN 9781509929252. Hart Publishing. RRP £95.00, online price £85.50.

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