‘Towards a new branch of law and economics?’

Yair Listokin, Law and Macroeconomics (2019). Not every day do we encounter a work of research that enables us to study the law through a whole new lens. Indeed, over the last fifty or so years, legal scholars have discovered new ways to apply well-established bodies of knowledge to the research of law, helping us to both give normative meaning to existing rules and formulate new ones. No better example of this ‘interdisciplinary revolution’ comes to mind than the world of law and economics, which in all fairness should be deemed the world of law and microeconomics. Prior to the publication of Yair Listokin’s book, Law and Macroeconomics, we as researchers have applied economic insight to legal research solely by examining specific actors’ response to incentives provided by law – a microeconomic perspective … (more)

[Ronen Avraham, JOTWELL, 26 October]

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