‘Judicial Law-making in European Private Law’: special issue of European Review of Private Law

Judges in Utopia: The Transformative Role of the Judiciary in European Private Law (Laura Burgers, Joanna Van Duin and Chantal Mak)

Judging for Utopia: Climate Change and Judicial Action (Hans Petter Graver)

Judicial governance by unfair contract terms law in the EU: Proposal for a New Research Agenda for Policy and Doctrine (Mónika Józon)

Judicial Governance in European Private Law: Three Judicial Cultures of Fundamental Rights Horizontality (Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi)

Civil Courts as Constitutional Courts: Polity-building through private law in Europe (Chantal Mak)


European Review of Private Law volume 28, issue 4 (October 2020)

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