Upcoming online seminars

Online seminars seem to be booming at the moment. Particularly relevant to private law theory are:

  • Global Seminars in Private Law Theory – send message ‘subscribe GLOBAL_SEM_PRIVATE_LAW_THEORY’ here.
  • Oxford Obligations Discussion Group – send blank e-mail here to be put on mailing list.
  • Oxford Seminars in Jurisprudence – go here.

Some upcoming seminars are:

  • 19 October, 1pm BST: The Normative Justification for Requiring the Restitution of Mistaken Payments (John Mee) (Oxford ODG)
  • 28 October, 1pm GMT: Humanity of Private Law – Part II: Evaluation (Nick McBride) (Oxford ODG)
  • 30 October, 12 noon GMT: Tort as Need (Steve Hedley) (Global Seminars in PLT)
  • 2 November, 5pm GMT: Mercy in Tort (Stephen Bero) (Oxford Seminars)
  • 5 November, 1pm GMT: Damages without Loss (Sandy Steel) (Oxford ODG)
  • 19 November, 1pm GMT: The Right to Performance: Consideration in Variation Contracts (Josias Senu) (Oxford ODG)
  • 7 December, 5pm GMT: Unconscionability, Vulnerability, and Autonomy (Julian Jonker) (Oxford Seminars)

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