Alyson Carrel, ‘Reimagining Settlement with Multi-Party Computation’

The recent revelation of individuals using NDAs to conceal rampant sexual harassment and assault demonstrates the ongoing debate about the impact of private settlement on the broader public good. Current unsatisfactory solutions are limited to a trade-off between whether to prioritize an individual’s interest in privacy over the public’s need for information. Advancing technology in multi-party computation (MPC) presents an option to reimagine how society settles disputes, transforming it from a debate mired in the choice between public or private to a system of pluralistic options, each of which offers parties the choice to settle with varying degrees of both private and public elements.

Carrel, Alyson, Reimagining Settlement with Multi-Party Computation (April 30, 2020), JTIP Blog (May 16, 2020),

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