Alexis Downe, ‘From Relief to Compulsion and Back Again in Contract Law’

Relief or compulsion are the two classes of remedy granted for a breach of contract. Traditionally English law is considered to favour relief-based remedies whilst French law prefer compulsion-based remedies. This article seeks to challenge this orthodoxy through the analysis of relatively recent changes in both jurisdictions regarding enforced performance in kind. More importantly, the influence that performance in kind has on other contractual remedies and clauses must be taken into account. Both contractual damages and penalty clauses are shaped by the availability of enforced performance in kind. Comparing English and French law shows that these two systems are converging which enables lawyers to anticipate the evolution of their respective jurisdictions.

Alexis Downe, From Relief to Compulsion and Back Again in Contract Law, European Review of Contract Law, volume 16, issue 3. DOI: Published online: 17 September 2020.

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