‘Authority, Vulnerability, and Strict Liability’

Christine Beuermann, Reconceptualising Strict Liability for the Tort of Another (2019). In Reconceptualising Strict Liability for the Tort of Another Christine Beuermann – a Lecturer in Law at the University of Newcastle – shines new light on strict liability for the wrongdoing of others. In the United States, we generally classify these as vicarious liabilities and non-delegable duties, and we usually conceptualize them in terms of the liability of principals for the acts of their agents. Perhaps surprisingly, these liabilities are at once ancient, very active at present, and poorly understood. Professor Beuermann’s book supplies a badly needed, original, and illuminating framework for thinking about these forms of liability. The book both offers an answer to longstanding theoretical puzzles, and guidance in deciding cases that presently vex the courts. It repays a reader’s careful study by reorienting the reader’s thinking … (more)

[Gregory Keating, JOTWELL, 31 August]

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