Achieving Access to Justice Through ADR: Special number of the Fordham Law Review

Foreword: Achieving Access to Justice Through ADR: Fact or Fiction? (Jacqueline Nolan-Haley)

Online Resources and Family Cases: Access to Justice in Implementation of a Plan (Kristen M Blankley)

American Diversity in International Arbitration: A New Arbitration Story or Evidence of Things Not Seen (Benjamin G Davis)

The Dark Side of Consensus and Creativity: What Mediators of Mass Disputes Need to Know About Agency Risks (Howard M Erichson)

Remedy Without Diagnosis: How to Optimize Results by Leveraging the Appropriate Dispute Resolution and Shared Decision-Making Process (Mariana Hernandez-Crespo Gonstead)

Arbitrarily Selecting Black Arbitrators (Michael Z Green)

Restorative Justice from Prosecutors’ Perspective (Bruce A Green and Lara Bazelon)

Arbitration Archetypes for Enhancing Access to Justice (Jill I Gross)

ADR, Dynamic (In)Justice, and Achieving Access: A Foreclosure Crisis Case Study (Lydia Nussbaum)

Does ADR Feel like Justice? (Jennifer W Reynolds)

Measuring ‘Access to Justice’ in the Rush to Digitize (Amy J Schmitz)

Access to Justice and Dispute Resolution Across Cultures (Sukhsimranjit Singh)

How Mediation Contributes to the ‘Justice Gap’ and Possible Technological Fixes (Ellen Waldman)

Bringing Transparency and Accountability (with a Dash of Competition) to Court-Connected Dispute Resolution (Nancy A Welsh)


Fordham Law Review volume 88 issue 6 (2020)

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