David Yosifon, ‘Corporate Law as an Existential Project’

We yearn for meaning but its material is hard to source. Once trusted suppliers are now examples of suspect ones. Religion is not believable. Art is sublime but not operational. Politics is patronizing. The culture is a mess. Baseball is gone to analytics. Material progress advances, formal ethical analysis advances, but the human spirit lags behind. This is a problem of the greatest importance. To concern ourselves with meaning is no luxury endeavor. It is a core need. Without it, human beings suffer terribly and die miserably. Law is no panacea, but it is undervalued as a source of value. This Essay proposes that corporate law in particular can be a potent resource for the formation of meaning in our minds and in our lives … (more)

David Yosifon, ‘Corporate Law as an Existential Project’, 88 Fordham Law Review 1801 (2020).

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