Just Published: Contents of Commercial Contracts – Terms Affecting Freedoms (Davies and Raczynska eds)

1. ‘Freedom of Contract and Terms Affecting Freedoms’ (Magda Raczynska and Paul S Davies)

2. ‘Binding Our Future Selves’ (Robert Stevens)

3. ‘Anti-Oral Variation Clauses: Rock-Solid or Rocky?’ (Andrew Burrows)

4. ‘Controlling Contractual Interpretation’ (Richard Calnan)

5. ‘Good Faiths and Contract Terms’ (Magda Raczynska)

6. ‘Excluding Good Faith and Restricting Discretion’ (Paul S Davies)

7. ‘The New Override of Bans on Assignment of Receivables’ (Hugh Beale)

8. ‘The Boundaries of a Borrower’s Freedom to Act: Negative Covenants in Loan Agreements’ (Louise Gullifer and Graham Penn)

9. ‘”Ethical Clauses” in Global Value Chain Contracts: Exploring the Limits of Freedom of Contract’ (Lucinda Miller)

10. ‘Smart Contracts’ (Sarah Green and Adam Sanitt)

11. ‘Disproportionate Penalties in Commercial Contracts’ (William Day)

12. ‘Opting for “Documentary Fundamentalism”: Respecting Party Choice for Entire Agreement and Non-Reliance Clauses’ (Jonathan Morgan)

13. ‘Planning for Failure: Contract Design, Ineffective Bargains and Restitution’ (Niamh Connolly)

14. ‘”All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace”? The Inevitable Conflict between Contract Law and Free Speech in Cyberspace’ (Nicholas J McBride)

15. ‘Private Law and Public Concerns: Non-Disclosure Agreements in English Contract Law’ (Catharine MacMillan)

16. ‘Professional Ethics and NDAs: Contracts as Lies and Abuse?’ (Richard Moorhead)

17. ‘Choice of Court and Choice of Law Agreements: Freedom of Freedom of Contract’ (Alex Mills)

18. ‘Illegality in English Arbitration Law after Patel v Mirza‘ (Uglješa Grušic and Manuel Penades Fons)

19. ‘The Reform of Insurance Warranties: Looking Beyond the Past’ (John Lowry and Rod Edmunds)

20. ‘The Right to Delivery of Goods under Contracts of Carriage’ (Melis Özdel)

21. ‘The Contents of Commercial Contracts: Terms Affecting Freedoms – A Response’ (Jacqueline Cook)


Paul S Davies, Magda Raczynska (eds), Contents of Commercial Contracts – Terms Affecting Freedoms. Published 23-07-2020. 488pp. ISBN 9781509930494. Hart Studies in Private Law. Online price £90.00.

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