‘The Market as a Legal Construct’: special number of Law and Contemporary Problems

The Law of the Market (Hanoch Dagan, Avihay Dorfman, Roy Kreitner, and Daniel Markovits)

The Key to Value: The Debate over Commensurability in Neoclassical and Credit Approaches to Money (Christine Desan)

Employer Organization and the Law: American Exceptionalism in Comparative Perspective (Kathleen Thelen)

Why Did Belgium Pay Leopold’s Bonds? (Kim Oosterlinck, Joseph Blocher, and Mitu Gulati)

The Paradox of Contracting in Markets (Robert E Scott)

Rule by Data: The End of Markets? (Katharina Pistor)

Algorithmic Central Planning: Between Efficiency and Freedom (Przemysław Pałka)

Black Markets and the Exchange Structure (Richard RW Brooks)

The Limited Case for Discrimination’s Legality (Avihay Dorfman)

Law and Contemporary Problems Volume 83, Number 2 (2020)

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