John Orth, ‘“Catch a Falling Star”: The Bluebook and Citing Blackstone’s Commentaries

“Sir William Blackstone’s four-volume Commentaries on the Laws of England, first published in 1765-1769, is one of the most frequently cited books in the history of the common law. In America, from the eighteenth-century debates over ratification of the US Constitution to twenty-first century US Supreme Court decisions, Blackstone has been repeatedly recognized as an authoritative source for English law. Generations of editors have kept his book continually in print, regularly updating it with scholarly notes. So many editions of the Commentaries appeared over the years that a special citation form emerged. From the first edition of the Bluebook in 1926 to the present, citations of the Commentaries have been to the ‘star page’ …” (more)

John V Orth, ‘Catch a Falling Star’: The Bluebook and Citing Blackstone’s CommentariesUniversity of Illinois Law Review Online (2020, Spring) 125.

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