‘Oxford Seminars in Jurisprudence: Call for Papers’

“Oxford Seminars in Jurisprudence is a monthly, online working-paper seminar series, open to everyone working in the philosophy of law. The series will begin with three invited speakers. Speakers for the following three seminars will be identified through this call. The seminars will be held at 5pm BST on, or close to, the first Monday of October, November, and December 2020, with the exact dates to be arranged in consultation with the speakers. We invite full papers on topics of relevance to the philosophy of law, broadly understood. Topics include but are not limited to: the nature and grounds of legality; the relationship between law and morality; normative ethics or applied ethics relevant to law; philosophical analysis of concepts fundamental in law (eg, responsibility, causation, reasonableness); philosophical analysis of particular areas of law (eg, tort law, property law, criminal law); legal proof and legal reasoning; and legal interpretation …” (more)

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