Lewis and Clark Law Review: Special number on class actions, mass torts and MDL

Preface (Jennie Lee Anderson)

Foreword (Robert Klonoff)

Texas MDL (D Theodore Rave and Zachary D Clopton)

The Persistence and Uncertain Future of the Public Interest Class Action (David Marcus)

What Do MDL Leaders Do? Evidence from Leadership Appointment Orders (David L Noll)

Layers of Lawyers: Parsing the Complexities of Claimaint Representation in Mass Tort MDLs (Lynn A Baker and Stephen J Herman)

Procedural Self-Inflicted Wounds? (Joshua P Davis and Brian J Devine)

Multidistrict Litigation and Common Law Procedure (Alexandra D Lahav)

What Is a Fair Price for Objector Blackmail? Class Action Objectors and the 2018 Amendments to Rule 23 (Elizabeth J Cabraser and Adam N Steinman)

In Defense of the Cy-Pres-Only Class Action (Robert G Bone)

The Importance of Cy Pres in Modern Class Action Jurisprudence and Myths Concerning Its Use (Gerson H Smoger)

Collective Preclusion and Inaccessible Arbitration: Data, Non-Disclosure, and Public Knowledge (Judith Resnik, Stephanie Garlock and Annie J Wang)

Deregulation and Private Enforcement (Brian T Fitzpatrick)

Symposium Interview on Aggregate Litigation (Arthur R Miller and Robert Klonoff)

Multidistrict Litigation and Personal Jurisdiction (Zachary T Nelson)


Lewis and Clark Law Review volume 24, issue 2 (2020)

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