Just Published: The Future of the Law of Contract (ed Michael Furmston)

1. An Overview (Michael Furmston)
2. The Implied Obligation of Good Faith (Howard Hunter)
3. Good Faith and the Supreme Court of Canada (Stephen Waddams)
4. The Quagmire of Utmost Good Faith in Insurance Law: A Comparative Study of Malaysian, Australian, and English Laws in Consumer Insurance Contracts (Cheah You Sum)
5. Objectivity (JW Carter and Michael Furmston)
6. Automated Transactions and the Law of Contract: When Codes are Not Congruent (Roger Brownsword)
7. The Resilience of Contract Law in Light of Technological Change (Eliza Mik)
8. A Collision of Contract and Privacy Law in a Digital Environment – An Accident Waiting to Happen! A Comparative Study (Cirami Mastura Drahaman)
9. Setting Out a Comprehensive Legal Framework to Govern Exclusion Clauses in Malaysia: Lessons from the United Kingdom and Australia (Loganathan Krishnan)
10. Economic Duress: Present State and Future Development: England, Australia and Malaysia (Sri Bala Murugan)
11. The Validity of Choice of Court Agreements in International Commercial Contracts Under the Hague Choice of Court Convention and the Brussels Ia Regulation (Mukarrum Ahmed)
12. De-Identification of Islamic Finance Contracts by the Common Law Courts (Adnan Trakic)

Michael Furmston (ed), The Future of the Law of Contract 302pp, Informa Law from Routledge (26 May 2020), ISBN-10: 0367174030, ISBN-13: 978-0367174033.

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