Global Public-Private Law Approaches to the Covid-19 Pandemic: School of Law, Singapore Management University, 10 September 2020

“We are pleased to invite submissions that aim to further comparative insight and learning on the ways in which different legal systems have grappled with particular public law and private law aspects of the pandemic, such as (but not limited to): In public law: Checks and balances on the creation and use of emergency powers; Challenges to domestic and international legal frameworks and institutions; Perspectives on the legitimacy of public power exercised in response to the pandemic; The role of public institutions in norm-setting and power-checking during the pandemic; In private law: Adaptations of established legal doctrines, for instance, force majeure and frustration; State intervention in the resolution of private disputes; The exceptional displacement of (pre-agreed) risk allocation mechanisms; Historical comparisons of the pandemic and its future implications for private law. We welcome submissions of abstracts from scholars at all stages of their careers …” (more)

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