Jeffrey Brown, ‘What Makes Disability Discrimination Wrong?’

… In this paper, I aim to connect the rich literature on what makes discrimination wrong to disability law and policy’s reasonable accommodation requirements. Specifically, I argue that disability discrimination, ie, a failure to provide reasonable accommodations, is wrongful when and because it violates the principles of relational equality. One vital concern for relational egalitarians is how people relate to each other as democratic citizens. Relational egalitarians object to inequalities that involve treating some citizens as social inferiors, such as social hierarchies based on a person’s social group identity. Relational egalitarians aim to replace objectionable social inequality with relations of social equality. As will become apparent, I argue a failure to provide reasonable accommodations is wrongful because it is incompatible with the kind of social relations that embody the moral ideal of equal citizenship. My argument is also important because a relational egalitarian account of wrongful disability discrimination has not been well-defended in the literature. I aim to fill in this gap …

Jeffrey M Brown, What Makes Disability Discrimination Wrong?, Law and Philosophy. Published: 8 April 2020.

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