Jurcys, Donewald, Globocnik and Lampinen, ‘My Data, My Terms: A Proposal for Personal Data Use Licenses’

In this paper, we propose the creation of a system of personal data licenses that will help individuals determine conditions for granting access to their personal data. In this proposal, we foresee a future of user-held data, where each individual can easily control who can access their personal data. We suggest a system of shareable and understandable set of personal data licenses. We believe that personal data license system will instill the marketplace with needed shared trust and transparency, and help individuals ‘activate’ their data for superior value and experiences, similar to what the Creative Commons licenses has achieved for the benefit for the entire market.

Jurcys, Paulius and Donewald, Christopher and Globocnik, Jure and Lampinen, Markus, My Data, My Terms: A Proposal for Personal Data Use Licenses (March 5, 2020). Harvard Journal of Law and Technology Digest, volume 33, Digest Spring 2020.

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