‘Book review: The unrealized promise of the next great copyright act’

“Having recently been reading a number of cases relating to US copyright and music, this Kat was very interested to review The Unrealized Promise of the Next Great Copyright Act: US Copyright Policy for the 21st Century, by Christopher S Reed, Adjunct Faculty, Claremont Graduate University, US. The current US law governing copyright is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) updated in 1998, although much like the UK system, many of the principles date much further back. In 2013 Maria Pallente (then Director of the US Copyright Office) delivered her landmark lecture The Next Great Copyright Act, calling on congress to update copyright law for the 21st century. Subsequently, congress embarked on a three-year comprehensive review of copyright. Reed tells of Washington insider that described the review as a ‘bipartisan fundraiser, as stakeholders shovelled money toward both sides of the aisle in an attempt to maintain the status quo’ …” (more)

[Hayleigh Bosher, The IPKat, 1 April]

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