Special number of Law and Contemporary Problems on ‘Law and Macroeconomics’

Considering Law and Macroeconomics (Anna Gelpern and Adam J Levitin)

Time-Varying Measures in Financial Regulation (Daniel K Tarullo)

The Macroprudential Implications of the Qualified Mortgage Debate (Patricia A McCoy and Susan M Wachter)

Against Regulatory Stimulus (Erik F Gerding)

Money, Private Law, and Macroeconomic Disasters (Morgan Ricks)

Indexing, Unchained (Daniel Hemel)

Public Purpose Finance: The Government’s Role as Lender (Nadav Orian Peer)

Macroeconomic Consequences of Market Manipulation (Gina-Gail S Fletcher)

Law and Macro: What Took So Long? (Yair Listokin)

Institutions: A Research Program for Law, Macroeconomics, and History (Peter Conti-Brown)

Macroeconomic Analysis of Law Versus Law and Macroeconomics (Bruno Meyerhof Salama)

What Kind of Finance Should There Be? (Saule T Omarova)

The Emergence of Law and Macroeconomics: From Stability to Growth to Human Development (Steven A Ramirez)


Law and Contemporary Problems Volume 83, Number 1 (2020)

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