Léon Dijkman, ‘The European Law of Remedies: a Multi-faceted Enigma’

Is there such a thing as a European law of remedies? In a new book, Law of Remedies: A European Perspective (Intersentia 2019), editors Franz Hofmann and Franziska Kurz bring together an impressive number of contributions that give the reader a bird’s eye view of this emerging field of study. The potential of remedies scholarship is well illustrated by the book’s extensive coverage: what is more, the book links these issues to various areas of substantive law, such as copyright, contracts and criminal law. It thus provides a solid starting point for readers wanting to familiarize themselves with potential avenues of research. This review critically engages with the book’s core mission – to lay out the basis for a European law of remedies – and outlines possible directions for future work on this exciting subject.

Dijkman, Léon, The European Law of Remedies: a Multi-faceted Enigma (March 3, 2020). Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, forthcoming.

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