Special number of the German Law Journal on ‘Right to be forgotten: BVerfG judgment’

Backlash against the Court of Justice of the EU? The Recent Jurisprudence of the German Constitutional Court on EU Fundamental Rights as a Standard of Review (Dana Burchardt)

The Constitutional Status of Karlsruhe’s Novel ‘Jurisdiction’ in EU Fundamental Rights Matters: Self-inflicted Institutional Vulnerabilities (Karsten Schneider)

The Federal Constitutional Court Rules for a Bright Future of Constitutional Pluralism (Matej Avbelj)

Developments in The EU-German Judicial Love Story: The Right To Be Forgotten II (Ana Bobić)

Some Kind of Right (Jud Mathews)

As Darkness Deepens: The Right to be Forgotten in the Context of Authoritarian Constitutionalism (Matthias Goldmann)

The Right to Be Forgotten in the Digital Age: The Challenges of Data Protection Beyond Borders (Federico Fabbrini and Edoardo Celeste)


German Law Journal – Volume 21 – Issue S1 – March 2020

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