‘The Cute Contracts Conundrum’

David Hoffman, Relational Contracts of Adhesion, 85 University of Chicago Law Review, 1395 (2018). When considering online contracts, three assumptions often come to mind. First, terms of service and other online agreements are purposefully written to be impossible to read. Second, lawyers at large law firms create these long documents by copying them verbatim from one client to another with minimal tweaking. But third, none of this really matters, as no one reads these contracts anyway. David Hoffman’s recent paper Relational Contracts of Adhesion closely examines each of these assumptions. In doing so, Professor Hoffman provides at least two major contributions to the growing literature and research on online standard form contracts. First, he proves that these common assumptions are, in some cases, wrong. Second, he explains why these surprising outcomes are unfolding … (more)

[Tal Zarsky, JOTWELL, 27 February]

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