Mateusz Grochowski, ‘Formal Requirements in EU Private Law: The Framework of “New Formalism”’

The text tries to identify and structure the newly-arising phenomena in the sphere of formal requirements, triggered by the European private law. It deals, in particular, with EU rules on consumer contracts – the broadest and the most significant sphere of novel occurrences in the sphere of formalities. The paper addresses both the general issues (especially functions of formal requirements and their array) , as well as indicates discusses more particular problems (for instance, form of a withdrawal declaration). It draws also attention to peculiarities of transposition of rules on formalities into domestic legal systems of the EU Member States.

Grochowski, Mateusz, Formal Requirements in EU Private Law: The Framework of ‘New Formalism’ (January 10, 2017). 12 Studies in Private Law [Studia Prawa Prywatnego] 2017, No 1.

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