‘Self-ownership’ – Special number of Social Philosophy and Policy

The Problem of Self-Ownership (Bas van der Vossen and David Schmidtz)

Boundary Problems and Self-Ownership (Jessica Flanigan)

Self-Ownership and Agent-Centered Options (Seth Lazar)

Ownership and the Moral Significance of the Self (Victor Tadros)

Libertarianism without Self-ownership (Chandran Kukathas)

Self-Ownership and the Importance of the Human Body (Ian Carter)

Self-Ownership as Personal Sovereignty (John Thrasher)

When Subsistence Rights and Just Claims and This is Unjust (Alejandra Mancilla)

Connected Self-Ownership and Our Obligations to Others (Ann E Cudd)

Self-Ownership, Labor and Licensing (Daniel C Russell)

Redistribution and Self-Ownership (Dan Moller)

When Are Markets Illegitimate? (Amanda R Greene)

Self-Ownership and Despotism: Locke on Property in the Person, Divine Dominium of Human Life, and Rights-Forfeiture (Johan Olsthoorn)

Duty-Sensitive Self-Ownership (Ben Bryan)

Social Philosophy and Policy Volume 36 – Issue 2 – Winter 2019

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