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French Civil Liability in Comparative Perspective, edited by Jean-Sébastien Borghetti and Simon Whittaker.

The French law of torts or of extra-contractual liability is widely seen as exceptional. For long it was based on a mere five articles of the Civil Code of 1804, but on this foundation the courts and legal scholars have constructed liabilities for fault and strict liability of an extraordinary breadth and significance. While the rest of the general law of obligations (including contract) in the Civil Code was reformed in 2016 by executive ordonnance, this area was left aside, being the subject in 2017 of a proposal by the French Government for the legislative reform of the law of civil liability, a new legislative category to include both contractual and extra-contractual liability. This work considers important aspects of this developing area of French law in a series of essays by French lawyers and comparative lawyers working in French law and other civil law systems. In doing so, it provides insight into the doctrinal thinking and judgments of French lawyers as well as the possible directions in which this area of the law may be developed in the future.

December 2019, 9781509927272, 544pp, RSP: £100. Discount Price: £80. Order online at – use the code CV7 at the checkout to get 20% off your order.

The Law of Estoppel, by Michael Barnes QC.

This work contains within a single book an account of all the forms of estoppel in operation today, including estoppel by record (res iudicata), as well as of the associated doctrine of election. There can be few practitioners who do not at some time have to engage with estoppel. Estoppel applies across all, or nearly all, English civil law. In explaining each form of estoppel an attempt is made to state the main elements which have to be proved to establish the estoppel and then to detail each element with its various components. At the end of each chapter a brief summary of the estoppel is included so as to guide practitioners and others to any question important in any particular case. The law of estoppel has considerably advanced over recent decades, and over the last 10 years alone there have been major changes, such as the clarification of the previously uncertain boundaries of proprietary estoppel, a statement of the exceptions to the principles of res iudicata, and the extension law as well as of fact. These and other subjects are explained in full.

February 2020, 9781509909384, 984pp, RSP: £225. Discount Price: £180. Order online at – use the code CV7 at the checkout to get 20% off your order.

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