‘Of Trusts, Grammar, and Gender’

Deborah Gordon, Engendering Trust, 213 Wisconsin Law Review 213 (2019), available at SSRN. In her new piece, Engendering Trust, Deborah Gordon takes on the relationship between women, wealth, inheritance, and the trust form. This intricate relationship is a long-standing one – a vintage marriage, so to speak – defined by gendered asymmetries, assumptions, and characterizations that are all grounded in historical norms. The landscape that gives life to this relationship between women and the trust form is replete with overt female archetypes, such as evil stepmothers, acquisitive mistresses, and vulnerable widows, and the linguistic coin of the realm is a highly gendered grammar that reveals these and other idioms of financial authority, avarice, and inexperience … (more)

[Allison Anna Tait, JOTWELL, 30 January]

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