Acta Juridica 2019 Number 1, December 2019 – theory, contract, unjust enrichment

The challenges of private law : a research agenda for an autonomy based private law (Hanoch Dagan)

The idea of a legal obligation (Nils Jansen)

Remedies, repentance and the doctrine of election in South African contract law (Graham Glover)

From bona fides to ubuntu : the quest for fairness in the South African law of contract (Dale Hutchison)

Interpretation of suretyships and the Constitution (Jopie Pretorius)

Sale and the warranty of title (Kenneth Reid)

The textual layers of European contract law (Reinhard Zimmermann)

Balancing ‘equality of respect’ with freedom of expression : the actio iniuriarum and hate speech (Jonathan Burchell)

Punishment, reparation and the evolution of private law : the actio iniuriarum in a changing world (François du Bois)

Why intention matters and how it does (Anton Fagan)

Aquilian liability for negligence and proximity considerations (Alistair Price)

What is unjust about theft? (Michael Bryan)

Long live the law of unjustified enrichment – a response to Jansen (Jacques du Plessis)

Unjustified enrichment’s evolution in mixed legal systems : confronting McCarthy Retail Ltd (Robin Evans-Jones and Martin Fischer)

Cohabitants in the Scottish law of unjustified enrichment (Hector MacQueen)

Enrichment ‘at the expense of another’ and incidental benefits in German law (Sonja Meier)

Change and continuity in the law of unjust enrichment (Helen Scott)

Rights of relief, subrogation and unjustified enrichment in Scots law (Niall Whitty)


Acta Juridica – Volume 2019 Number 1, December 2019

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