Call for Papers and Workshops: Law, Rationality and Practical Reason: UK-IVR Annual Conference, University of Surrey, 20-21 July 2020

If law is centred on human action and practices, key questions concerning rationality and practical reason in law arise. How shall we formulate a sound conception of practical reason for law? What is the correct understanding of the structure of rationality for law and how it differs from the rationality of other human practices? Do ancient theories about practical reason and the nature of law illuminate contemporary dilemmas concerning the rationality of law? How practical reason differs in the different fields of law, ie private and criminal law? What is the interplay of practical knowledge and practical reason in specific areas of the law, eg negligence, recklessness, intentionality, duress?

We aim to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies for new ways of thinking about law, practical reason and rationality among researchers in the field of philosophy, legal theory, law, sociology, psychology, intellectual history, classics and political science. We encourage all methodologies, including historical analysis and comparative intellectual history … (more)

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