Law and Philosophy Special Issue: Seana Shiffrin’s ‘Speech Matters’

… Kate Greasley and Christopher Mills discuss Shiffrin’s account of lying and deception in Chapter One of Speech Matters. Prince Saprai explores the account of duress offered in Chapter Two. Eric Barendt critically discusses the thinker-based approach (Chapter Three) and situates it within broader debates in free speech theory. Leslie Kendrick engages with Shiffrin’s discussion of the legal regulation of lies in Chapter Four. Micah Schwartzman and Nicholas Hatzis scrutinize the argument advanced in Chapter Five in favor of constitutional accommodation of certain moral wrongs, such as autobiographical lying. Finally, Amanda Greene critically engages with how the duty of sincerity applies to governmental and other institutions, which aim to promote a number of different values (Chapter Six).

Law and Philosophy Volume 38, Issue 5-6, December 2019

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