Paula Giliker, ‘Mr Tony Weir (1936-2011)’

The scholarship of Tony Weir extends across Tort and Comparative law. He was a renowned translator of key comparative law texts such as Zweigert and Kötz’s, An Introduction to Comparative Law. He was also a popular writer of student textbooks such as A Casebook on Tort (10 editions) and An Introduction to Tort Law (two editions) and case notes (35). He opened up to an English-speaking audience great works of German scholarship such as Franz Wieacker’s A History of Private Law in Europe and Bernhard Grossfeld’s, The Strengths and Weaknesses of Comparative Law and yet remained to the end antagonistic towards Europe and a defender of common law values against the onslaught of EU and ECHR law.

In my contribution to an edited collected on Scholars of Tort Law, I seek to gain an understanding of the contradictions which underlie his scholarship to gain a fuller understanding of Weir’s contribution to tort and comparative law scholarship. In so doing, my paper highlights the importance of critical analysis, of scholars not to being afraid to criticise the law despite the eminence of the courts or judges involved, and of the true difficulties of legal translation.

Giliker, Paula, Mr Tony Weir (1936-2011) (September 27, 2019) in J Goudkamp and D Nolan (eds), Scholars of Tort Law (Hart Publishing, 2019).

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