‘Are Sign-in-Wrap Agreements Unreadable?’

Uri Benoliel and Shmuel I Becher, The Duty to Read the Unreadable, 60 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming, 2019), available at SSRN. Uri Benoliel and Shmuel I Belcher answer the question posited in the title to this review with an absolute yes. In a well-written, concise, and quite persuasive article, the authors test the readability of 500 of the most popular websites’ ‘sign-in-wrap agreements’, which require online users to accept terms before using the website’s services. The authors employ two readability tests that measure the average length of sentences and the average number of syllables per word. After detailing the legitimacy of these tests, the authors report that the sign-in-wrap agreements are no more readable than academic journal articles and thus are ‘unreadable’ by consumers … (more)

[Robert Hillman, JOTWELL, 9 September]

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