John Keeler, ‘Ruminations on Personal Injury Law Since 1960’

The first issue of the Adelaide Law Review came out in 1960, the same year that I began my undergraduate law course in England under the guidance of Arthur Rogerson. In the final term of my first year we studied torts, and I made my first acquaintance with Fleming on Torts, recommended by Arthur as the most stimulating of the texts though not confined to English law. One other comment he made that stays in the memory from that term is that for the practicing lawyer, Donoghue v Stevenson was not the most important torts case of the interwar period: he gave that as being Wilsons and Clyde Coal Co Ltd v English. This gave an emphasis to personal injury law which reinforced Fleming’s view of the function of tort law …

John Keeler, Ruminations on Personal Injury Law Since 1960, Adelaide Law Review volume 40 number 1 2019.

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