‘Case Law: MN v OP, Money, money, money, must be funny, in an [anonymised beneficiary’s] world, protecting child beneficiaries in variation of trust cases’

“A typical plot development in old novels is the sudden discovery of unexpected wealth, usually in the form of an inheritance, or the discovery of a long lost will or hidden relationship to a wealthy benefactor. That is sometimes what it is like for children who are beneficiaries of big trust funds. They may, for their own good, not be told about it until they are old enough to appreciate and make wise use of their sudden accession of wealth. Too soon, and they might be tempted to squander it, or not learn to be a useful member of society, or the knowledge of it might attract the greedy attention of the wrong sort of friends …” (more)

[Paul Magrath, Inforrm’s Blog, 8 June]

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