‘“Renegotiated Families” and Donative Intent’

Naomi R Cahn, Revisiting Revocation Upon Divorce?, 103 Iowa Law Review 1879 (2018). Last year I reviewed Adam J Hirsch, ‘Inheritance on the Fringes of Marriage’, which explored whether donors would want their fiancé, ex-fiancé, separated spouse, or divorcing spouse to take a share of their estate. Following this theme of donor intent vis-à-vis a current or former intimate partner, I was particularly interested in Naomi Cahn’s article, ‘Revisiting Revocation Upon Divorce’, in which she challenges lawmakers’ assumptions about decedents’ relationships with their former spouses and their former spouses’ relatives after divorce or annulment … (more)

[Solangel Maldonado, JOTWELL, 26 April]

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