‘Lessons Learned From Abroad About Intestate Inheritances for Unmarried Cohabitants’

E Gary Spitko, Intestate Inheritance Rights for Unmarried Committed Partners: Lessons for US Law Reform from the Scottish Experience, 103 Iowa Law Review 2175 (2018). In 2002, Professor Spitko published An Accrual/Multi-Factor Approach to Intestate Inheritance Rights for Unmarried Committed Partners in the Oregon Law Review. Since then, in 2006, Scotland statutorily began to provide intestate inheritance rights to unmarried cohabitants. Three years later, the Scottish Law Commission recommended reforming and replacing the 2006 law with rights for unmarried cohabitants that would apply to intestate and testate estates. Several years later, in March of 2016, the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament published Post-Legislative Scrutiny of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006. Professor Spitko analyzed these developments in Scotland and used them as a basis for reexamining his 2002 proposal … (more)

[Sergio Pareja, JOTWELL, 21 February]

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