‘Abandoned at the Nexus of Contracts’

Usha R Rodrigues, Law and the Blockchain, 104 Iowa Law Review 679 (2019). Usha Rodrigues’s article on the firm as a nexus of ‘smart’ contracts made me think of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Maybe it is her use of ‘contracts made flesh’, the images of digital organisms mimicking their ‘corporeal’ prototypes (creepy, if confusing), or the all-encompassing, oozing smartness of code. Victor Frankenstein was smart. He endowed his creature with formidable capacity to learn: within days, it had processed Goethe, Plutarch, and Milton. Then Victor freaked out and lost control. Shelley’s story reads by turns as Don’t-Mess-with-Creation and Don’t-Abandon-Your-Children. I saw abandonment everywhere in Law and the Blockchain …” (more)

[Anna Gelpern, JOTWELL, 29 January]

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