‘The Problem of Theorizing Privacy’ – Theoretical Inquiries in Law vol 20, no 1 (2019)

Introduction (Alon Jasper, Sama Haddad and Alon Abramovich)

Turning Privacy Inside Out (Julie E Cohen)

Privacy Law’s Indeterminacy (Ryan Calo)

Re-reading Westin (Lisa M Austin)

Privacy as Protection of the Incomputable Self: From Agnostic to Agonistic Machine Learning (Mireille Hildebrandt)

Schrödinger’s Robot: Privacy in Uncertain States (Ian Kerr)

Privacy and Manipulation in the Digital Age (Tal Z Zarsky)

Grappling with ‘Data Power’: Normative Nudges from Data Protection and Privacy (Orla Lynskey)

Contextual Integrity Up and Down the Data Food Chain (Helen Nissenbaum)

A Process-based Approach to Informational Privacy and the Case of Big Medical Data (Michael Birnhack)

The Right to Communications Confidentiality in Europe: Protecting Privacy, Freedom of Expression, and Trust (Frederik J Zuiderveen Borgesius and Wilfred Steenbruggen)

Theorizing Privacy in a Liberal Democracy: Canadian Jurisprudence, Anti-Terrorism, and Social Memory After 9/11 (Valerie Steeves)

Synthesis and Satisfaction: How Philosophy Scholarship Matters (Anita L Allen)

Theoretical Inquiries in Law vol 20, no 1 (2019)

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