John Goldberg, ‘You Can’t Spell “America” Without C A R’

Nora Freeman Engstrom, When Cars Crash: The Automobile’s Tort Legacy, 53 Wake Forest Law Review 293 (2018). For the past century, the car accident has served as the paradigmatic (über-?) tort. What does this tell us about tort law’s past, present, and future? Nora Freeman Engstrom’s elegant and informative When Cars Crash offers some highly illuminating reflections on this question. Engstrom starts with the facts. In the US, millions of car crashes each year generate upward of 30,000 fatalities and countless injuries. Only heart disease and cancer account for more life-years lost, and the toll is particularly severe for teens and young adults. On the litigation side, many more lawsuits are filed, and more dollars paid out, for car accidents than for any other type of accident … (more)

[John CP Goldberg, JOTWELL, 11 December]

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