‘Libel Injunctions: Time to revisit the rule in Bonnard v Perryman?’

“The interim defamation injunction has long been considered a rare breed; indeed it has been 127 years since the common law rule in Bonnard v Perryman [1891] 2 Ch 269 was first established, preventing claimants from obtaining interim libel injunctions in all but the most exceptional circumstances. That was until June this year, when it seems Nicklin J may have, if not quite blown it off, at least cracked open the long-sealed door to interim libel injunctions in his judgment in R (Taveta Investments Limited) v Financial Reporting Council and Others [2018] EWHC 1662 (Admin) (‘Taveta’) …” (more)

[Helena Shipman, Inforrm’s Blog, 8 August]

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