Thomas Bennett, ‘Why Sir Cliff Richard’s case was rightly decided’

Part 1: Reasonable expectation of privacy In a recent post on Inforrm, my good friend Dr Paul Wragg sets out a detailed argument critiquing the High Court’s recent decision in Cliff Richard’s successful privacy claim against the BBC (Richard v BBC). Wragg takes the view that the reasoning of Mann J in the case is deficient in a number of respects, and that his disposal of the case is unsatisfactory … (Inforrm’s Blog, 31 July)

Part 2: The public interest balance This critique follows on from my previous post, in which I responded to Paul Wragg’s criticism of the manner in which the judge in Richard v BBC dealt with the first stage of the claim – whether Richard had a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ in respect of the information broadcast about him. In this post, I turn to Wragg’s criticism of the judge’s treatment of the second stage of the claim, the balance that the court must endeavour to strike between the claimant’s privacy and the public interest in publishing the information … (Inforrm’s Blog, 2 August)

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