Just Published: Uniform Rules for European Contract Law? A Critical Assessment (Francisco de Elizalde ed)

Over the last 30 years, the evolution of acquis communautaire in consumer law and harmonising soft law proposals have utterly transformed the landscape of European contract law. The initial enthusiasm and approval for the EU programme has waned and, post Brexit, it currently faces increasing criticism over its effectiveness. In this collection, leading academics assess the project and ask if such judgements are fair, and suggest how harmonisation in the field might be better achieved. This book looks at the uniform rules in the context of: the internal market; national legislators and courts; bridging the gap between common and civil law; and finally their influence on non-member states. Critical and rigorous, it provides a timely and unflinching critique of one of the most important fields of harmonisation in the European Union.

Uniform Rules for European Contract Law? A Critical Assessment, edited by Francisco de Elizalde. Published: 28-06-2018. 296pp. ISBN: 9781509916283. Hart Publishing. RRP: £75.00.

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