Paul Miller, ‘New Frontiers in Private Fiduciary Law’

This chapter in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Fiduciary Law charts new frontiers of scholarly inquiry in fiduciary law. The chapter first orients the reader by taking stock of the current state of play in fiduciary law scholarship. The chapter then identifies a range of important questions that should inspire future work in the field. More specifically, it identifies pressing questions of legal theory (conceptual and normative analysis), economic and empirical legal studies (including classical and behavioral economic analysis), and historical and sociological inquiry. The chapter also raises questions of interest to private law theorists and scholars interested in exploring the significance of fiduciary principles within various sub-fields, from trust and corporate law to health law and legal ethics.

Miller, Paul B, New Frontiers in Private Fiduciary Law (June 20, 2018). Evan J Criddle, Paul B Miller, and Robert H Sitkoff, eds, The Oxford Handbook of Fiduciary Law (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019).

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