‘Judge-Made Risk Regulation and Tort Law’: European Journal of Risk Regulation, special number

European Journal of Risk Regulation, Volume 9 – Issue 1 – March 2018

Judge-made risk regulation and tort law: an introduction (Elbert R De Jong, Michael G Faure, Ivo Giesen, Peter Mascini)

Tort Law and Judicial Risk Regulation: Bipolar and Multipolar Risk Reasoning in Light of Tort Law’s Regulatory Effects (Elbert R De Jong)

The Sources and Challenges of Norm Generation in Tort Law (Maria Lee)

The Public Life of Private Law: Tort Law as a Risk Regulation Mechanism (Douglas A Kysar)

The Civil Court as Risk Regulator: The Issue of its Legitimacy (Marc A Loth)

A Law and Economics Perspective on Judicial Risk Regulation (Josephine Van Zeben)

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