Oliver Black, ‘Varieties of Legal Reliance’

“… This paper, taking a more optimistic view, identifies and distinguishes notions of reliance that are not too slippery to determine liability, considers which of them are at issue in the sources, and offers suggestions as to the appropriate ones for legal purposes. These notions can be roughly ordered according to strength and in that respect form a continuum, but one that avoids Stapleton’s objection. I leave open the question whether the distinctions drawn are between meanings of ‘reliance’, concepts or conceptions of reliance, or kinds that fall under a single meaning, concept or conception: the word ‘notion’ slides over that question …”

Oliver Black, Varieties of Legal Reliance, King’s Law Journal. Published online: 28 Dec 2017, https://doi.org/10.1080/09615768.2017.1397679.

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