Private Law Theory Blog, the first 6 years

This blog went live on 3 September 2011, and since then there have been 4,627 published posts. Each new post now goes to current subscribers – there are currently 653 subscribers, also a significant number of the posts are picked up on RSS and other channels.

In this past year there have been 141,755 page views, by 24,677 distinct visitors. The pages were viewed from: United Kingdom (23.32%), United States (13.72%), Canada (8.13%), Australia (6.32%), Ireland (4.81%), Germany (4.02%), Israel (3.69%), Netherlands (2.54%), Singapore (2.50%), Hong Kong (2.26%) and other counties. The most common cities were:

  1. London (7.81%)
  2. Oxford (4.02%)
  3. New York (3.45%)
  4. Dublin (2.72%)
  5. Toronto (2.55%)
  6. Hong Kong (2.18%)
  7. Tel Aviv-Yafo (2.11%)
  8. Montreal (2.06%)
  9. Singapore (1.80%)
  10. Cork (1.56%)
  11. Sydney (1.56%)
  12. Cambridge, UK (1.55%)

The most popular articles posted over the year (conference and book announcements aside) were:

  1. Nicholas McBride, Michael v Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2015] UKSC 2′
  2. Graham Virgo, ‘Restitution and Unjust Enrichment in the Supreme Court: Reflections on Bank of Cyprus UK Ltd v Menelaou
  3. Brooke MacKenzie, ‘New Tort for “Revenge Porn”: Doe 464533 v ND as a Case Study in Judicial Law-Making’
  4. Graham Virgo, Patel v Mirza: one step forward and two steps back’
  5. Maria Lee, ‘The Public Interest in Private Nuisance: Collectives and Communities in Tort’
  6. Mitchell and Watterson, ‘Remedies for Knowing Receipt’
  7. Martin Dixon, ‘Confining and Defining Proprietary Estoppel: The Role of Unconscionability’
  8. William Swadling, ‘The Fiction of the Constructive Trust’
  9. Simon Whittaker, ‘Distinctive features of the new consumer contract law’
  10. Larissa Katz, ‘The Concept of Ownership and the Relativity of Title’
  11. Lord Neuberger, ‘The Remedial Constructive Trust – Fact or Fiction’
  12. Desmond Ryan, ‘“Close Connection” and “Akin to Employment”: Perspectives On 50 Years Of Radical Developments In Vicarious Liability’

and the most popular videos:

  1. Leonard Hoffmann, ‘Constitutionalism and Private Law’
  2. Oren Bar-Gill, ‘An Information-Based Theory of Willful Breach’
  3. Hugh Beale, ‘A European Contract Law: a cuckoo in the nest?’
  4. John Gardner, ‘The relationship between personal life and private law’
  5. ‘KCON9 Concurrent Sessions: Third Parties’
  6. George Cohen, ‘The Fault that Lies Within Our Contract Law’

On the supply side, Elsevier continues its absorption of major academic repositories: following its earlier acquisition of SSRN, it has now acquired bepress. For discussion see: Elsevier acquires bepress: Library and knowledge community respond (LexBlog); Elsevier Expands Footprint in Scholarly Workflow (Inside Higher Ed); Elsevier’s Acquisition of bepress: What comes next? (Scholastica); Emerging controls in Elsevier’s scholarly communications ecology (DarkRepository). Legal scholars have been slow to move to independent platforms, though there is (slow) growth in submissions to LawArXiv, administered by Cornell University.

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