Theoretical Inquiries in Law volume 18, no 2 (2017): ‘Sovereignty and Property’

Introduction (Yael Braudo, TIL Editorial Board)

Property and Sovereignty: How to Tell the Difference (Arthur Ripstein)

The Dialectics of Sovereignty and Property (Sergio Dellavalle)

Property’s Sovereignty (Larissa Katz)

Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust (Laura S Underkuffler)

Sovereignty, Property and Empire: Early Modern English Contexts (Martti Koskenniemi)

The Human Right to Private Property (Hanoch Dagan and Avihay Dorfman)

Property and Sovereignty, Information and Audience (Thomas W Merrill)

Sovereignty and the Politics of Property (Eyal Benvenisti)

Exclusion: Property Analogies in the Immigration Debate (Jeremy Waldron)

From Territorial to Monetary Sovereignty (Katharina Pistor)

Property and Sovereignty Imbricated: Why Religion Is Not an Excuse to Discriminate in Public Accommodations (Joseph William Singer)

Sovereignty, the Corporate Religious, and Jurisdictional/Political Pluralism (Jean L Cohen)

Theoretical Inquiries in Law volume 18, no 2 (2017)

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